In 1952 Celeste Corino moved with wife and children to La Morra to work as a sharecropper in the farms of the area growing grapes and fruit trees.

Celeste's son Giovanni, who would later become the father of the current company owner Giuliano, grew up following in his father's footsteps and eventually founded the Corino Azienda Agricola, focusing his attention on the vineyards.

Initially, most of the grapes produced were meant for sale only.

In the mid 1980s, when a still very young Giuliano started to work in the family company, the first hectolitres of Barolo were bottled.

In 1987 the company took an innovative road in the wine-making process. While still keeping the territorial imprint with the first green harvest in order to achieve superior quality, they experimented/innovated with shorter, temperature-controlled fermentations and ageing in small barrels of French oak.

Today the company has 9 hectares of vineyards in the area of La Morra, with an annual production of about 50,000 bottles.


The Corino winery is now run by Giuliano, with the help of his wife Stefania and their children Veronica and Andrea, the company’s new generation.

The whole family is involved in the production process, from the care of the vineyard to the wine-making phase and the marketing of the bottles.

Our wines



The philosophy of our company is based on a few essential principles:

great care for the work in the vineyards to obtain high quality wines while keeping their character and respecting the nature that surrounds us:

For this reason we use mostly copper and sulphur-based products and avoid pesticides, thus respecting the land, the environment and the health of the consumer as well as that of all of us working in the vineyards. We use only natural fertilizers.

We reduce the yield of the vine by pruning twice during the summer months so as to carefully select the bunches. In this way the remaining grapes reach perfect ripeness and balance and a consequent superior quality.
A further selection is made during the harvest where the grapes are picked exclusively by hand, as most of the work in the vineyard.

As far as the work in the cellar is concerned, we are constantly looking for the right balance between modernity and tradition:

Both the maceration and alcoholic fermentation processes take place in rotary fermenters at controlled temperatures, processes which happen spontaneously, without adding any yeast.
Ageing in wood is done using small French oak barrels.
We neither filter nor clarify our wines, they are just naturally decanted following their true nature.
When we bottle, the level of sulphites is normally 50% lower than what the Italian legal requirements allow.
We produce all of our wines with the same care and attention from the basic wines to the Barolo Riserva.

CORINO GIOVANNI di Corino Giuliano
Fraz.Annunziata 25/b, 12064 - La Morra(CN)